Body Contouring With SculpSure

When eating right and exercising is no longer achieving improvements, it may be time for a visit to Texas Vein & Aesthetics for body contouring services. Often, as people age, they will reach a point where they can't lose those last few pounds, or they find that certain areas are no longer changing no matter what they try. Using the latest and most advanced technologies, we help patients achieve reduction in fat and cellulite to problem areas that include hips, thighs, abdomen, and upper arms. Treatments are noninvasive, but deliver slimmer and shapelier body lines to help patients achieve their image goals.

Body contouring is available for any skin type or skin tone. Methods are gentle, and require no recovery downtime that a patient would experience as the result of a surgical procedure. To discover what body contouring is able to achieve, call one of our offices and schedule a personalized consultation. Each patient is evaluated on an individual basis, any questions answered, and a treatment plan custom-designed for the patient. An appointment can be made in our Denton office by calling (940) 808-0949, or in our Frisco office by calling (972) 672-5278.

The number of treatments necessary to achieve the desired outcome varies per individual response to therapy, and with regard to the body area being treated. Body contouring is an exciting option for a patient who has recently gone through the hard work to achieve substantial weight loss, as well as for a new mother who wants a little help in getting her former figure back. Smoothing and tightening effects will polish the body shape, and provide enhanced confidence with one’s appearance. Youthful vitality is renewed, as inches melt away, and the improved body contours take shape. Results are considered permanent, as long as healthy habits are in place to preserve the outcomes.

For the safest and most pleasant body contouring experience, place your health and beauty in the hands of trained medical professionals, Dr. Scott Powell, and Physician Assistant Victor Fuselier, and their caring and qualified staff. For outstanding body contouring services, you can trust Texas Vein & Aesthetics.