Radiofrequency Ablation

The treatment known as radiofrequency ablation is implemented to treat varicose veins. Radiofrequency is introduced into the vein to cauterize and close enlarged veins in the legs. This is performed as a cosmetic treatment, to reduce the appearance of varicose veins, and also to eliminate the painful effects that can accompany varicose veins. A patient experiencing discomforts such as swelling, aching, inflammation, or discoloration should contact Texas Vein & Aesthetics to schedule a consultation. This procedure is one of the least invasive options available to remedy this troublesome situation.

People often wonder how varicose veins form in the first place. Blood in the body flows from the heart to the legs by way of arteries, and then returns back to the heart by way of veins. One-way valves in the veins work to facilitate the movement of blood back to the heart away from the legs in defiance of gravity. Varicose veins form when those valves begin to leak, causing blood to accumulate in the veins of the legs.

To remedy this painful and unsightly condition by way of radiofrequency ablation, the physician will insert a catheter into each vein to be treated, guided with the help of ultrasound. Once properly in place, the tool emits radiofrequency that heats the vein, closing it off to blood flow. Blood is diverted away from the problem area to healthy veins. After this type of treatment, the treated vein will collapse and no longer present a problem.

Radiofrequency ablation is performed safely in our offices, which are located in Denton and Frisco. During treatment, a patient may generally have a sensation of pressure in the treatment area, but no serious discomfort is expected. The physician and well-trained support staff will explain the entire procedure, answer any questions, and be sure that the patient is kept comfortable throughout the process. Aftercare instructions will be provided to ensure the best results are achieved from treatment. A patient is able to resume normal activities immediately, with only a few exceptions such as things that would require long periods of sitting, as movement and activity are encouraged for the best outcomes.

For help with varicose veins, or any other vein concerns, call and schedule your personalized consultation. You may reach our Denton office by calling (940) 808-0949, or our Frisco office by calling (972) 672-5278. We look forward to sharing the opportunities available to improve your health and confidence with the most suitable care designed especially for you.

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