Sclerotherapy is a procedure performed in the offices of Texas Vein and Aesthetics to effectively eliminate small, yet bothersome, web-looking veins, otherwise known as spider veins. These tiny veins are generally recognizable as being blue, purple, or red in color. While they can be a problem for both men and women, they are generally more prevalent in women. Frequency of this condition increases with age, and appears more often in the lower extremities, in areas of the ankles, calves, and thighs. Some characteristics that seem to contribute to development of spider veins revolve around a person’s weight, hormone levels, genetic makeup, and sometimes even environment.

Dr. Scott Powell and Physician Assistant Victor Fuselier are experienced in the technique used to eliminate spider veins, known as sclerotherapy. The only way to eliminate spider veins once they have formed is to have them treated. Sclerotherapy has been an effective option to treat spider veins for decades, and is still the most commonly used method. It is a safe and effective procedure that is achieved by injecting a sclerosing solution into individual veins that are targeted for elimination. This solution causes the treated vein to become dehydrated; it then dissolves, and is absorbed naturally by the body. At Texas Vein and Aesthetics, we also use special instruments in order to produce the best outcomes possible from this therapy. By using the Veinlite ™ and Syris polarized headlamp, we are able to see and treat reticular veins, which are the feeders for the troublesome spider veins. A patient may require multiple sessions in order to achieve their desired results. Following the procedure, a patient is free to resume most of their normal activities immediately; however, the doctor will provide guidelines to ensure the most positive experience. Treated spider veins will fade gradually, and completely disappear over a period of several weeks.

If you are dealing with pain or burning, or the embarrassment from the unsightly appearance of spider veins, we invite you to call Texas Vein and Aesthetics to schedule a personal consultation. You may reach our Denton office by calling (940) 808-0949; or if our Frisco office is more convenient, you may reach it by calling (972) 672-5278. Take that first step to discover if sclerotherapy is right for you.