Stretch Mark Removal

Texas Vein & Aesthetics has offices in Denton and Frisco with trained and experienced staff ready to assist with stretch mark removal. Dr. Scott Powell, and Physician Assistant Victor Fuselier treat both men and women to deliver increased confidence with their personal body image.

Stretch marks are a very common occurrence. They become visible because of tears to the dermal layer of the skin as the result of rapid stretching. They may appear in both males and females during periods of rapid growth, especially during teen years, as the result of excessive weight gain, and become apparent in the majority of women during pregnancy. While stretch marks may affect any area of the body subjected to rapid skin stretching, they are more common in the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, arms, breast area, and lower back. When they first appear, they will usually be some shade of pink or red. Sometimes this hue will fade over time and become less visible, turning more of a silvery white. Other times, they may remain very apparent and brightly colored. Regardless of the reason they are there, this may impact a person’s self-image and cause significant embarrassment.

When seeking treatment for stretch marks, it is important to realize that they may not be able to be completely eliminated. Setting realistic expectations before treatments will lead to increased satisfaction with the outcome. To determine the most effective removal method for undesirable stretch marks, call the Texas Vein & Aesthetics office closest to you. You may reach our Denton office by calling (940) 808-0949 or our Frisco location at (972) 672-5278. Both locations are staffed with knowledgeable staff, ready to serve you in a warm and welcoming environment. Scheduling a consultation will allow us to evaluate your individual situation and make recommendations for treatment best-suited for you. Ask the provider what you can expect from treatment, and be prepared to share your renewed image with confidence. With targeted treatment, we look forward to helping you minimize the appearance of stretch marks for a revitalized appearance.